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Doug Scarratt

Doug Scarratt

"I remember the first time I heard the V30 and thinking "f*ck!ng hell, that's exactly what I want!' I couldn't listen to any other cab in the room." Gear: Vintage 30 Web:
Eric Schermerhorn

Eric Schermerhorn

"I put the blue Celestions in my Tweed Deluxe and Blackface fenders for that midrange punch." Gear: Celestion Blue
YouTube Randy  Scott

Randy Scott

"Celestion G12-65's give my guitar the voice I want to hear" Gear: Heriage G12-65 Web:
Steve Segal

Steve Segal
April Wine

"From studio to stage, Celestion speakers give me all the tone I need." Gear: Heritage Series G12-65, G12M Web:
YouTube Azza Sergent

Azza Sergent
Azza & The Electric Romance, The Brompton Mix

"I use Greenbacks for the warm and crunchy tone I desire for rock n' roll" Gear: G12M Greenback Web:
YouTube Wayne Sermon

Wayne Sermon
Imagine Dragons

"With all the different amp and cab sizes I use, Celestion always has a speaker that does what I need it to do. " Gear: Blue, Gold, G12H-75 Creamback Web:
Scott Sharrard

Scott Sharrard
Greg Allman Band

"Celestion Greenbacks have incredible punch and fatness, not to mention their outstanding definition, harmonic clarity, and dynamic range." Gear: G12M Greenback Web: