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Chris Mahoney

Chris Mahoney
The Chris Mahoney Project

"The one mainstay in my rig has always been Celestion. They're the final say in tone at the end of the chain." Web:
Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen

"I like the Celestion G12T-75 speaker because it is very fluid and complements the violin-like tone and feel of my guitar playing. I have used Celestions since the early days of my career in Sweden." Gear: G12T-75 Web:
YouTube J Mascis

J Mascis
Dinosaur Jr.

"I've used Celestion since I started playing guitar. They've got that indefinable sparkle that kicks my guitar over the top." Gear: Vintage 30, G12H Anniversary Web:

Boo Massey
Miranda Lambert

"I use Celestions live and in the studio. Nothing sounds better!" Gear: Vintage 30, Alnico Cream
Patrick Matera

Patrick Matera
Katy Perry

"Celestion Gold speakers sound amazing, they've got a warm vintage tone with tight and punchy low end that's helped me get the best sound I've ever had." Gear: Celestion Gold
YouTube Brian May

Brian May

"Celestion speakers have been an important part of my sound since day one. Nothing else sounds like a Celestion Blue." Gear: Blue Web:
YouTube Mike McClure

Mike McClure
Mike McClure Band, The Great Divide

"I've been using celestion speakers since I was rocking a Crate G-60 in my parents garage. To clarify, that's been 25 years ago. " Web:
Eamonn McCormack

Eamonn McCormack

"The speaker is the final cog in the wheel that delivers your unique sound and tone. Celestion are the biz...end of story!" Gear: Vintage 30 Web: