Datecodes: How old is my speaker?

You can work out the age of your Celestion speaker from the datecode stamped on the chassis (or printed on the id label). Here's how...

April 4, 2014

One question we're often asked is "how old is my speaker?" And if your speaker is in reasonably good condition, then it is straightforward to find this out for yourself.

Since 1956, all Celestion chassis drivers have been stamped with a date code (two numbers and two letters), denoting exact date of manufacture. The codes are added on the production line and are placed on the speaker's chassis leg, on the front gasket or on a label on the magnet edge.

In recent times this information has also been reproduced on the barcode label stuck to the outside of the speaker packaging.

If you can track down the date code, simply refer to the following set of tables, which provide an accurate record of the date codes used throughout the years.

1956 - 1962
Date codes from 1956 to 1962 are written in the form: Day/Month/Year. For example: 15DE = 15th April1960.

Year Code Month Code
1956 A January A
1957 B February B
1958 C March C
1959 D April D
1960 E May E
1961 F June F
1962 G July G
    August H
    September I
    October J
    November K
    December L

1963 - 1967
Note the loss of the 'I' from the month codes. Date codes from 1963 to 1967 are written in the form: Day/ Month/Year. For example: 19MK = 19th December 1965
Year Code Month Code
1963 H January A
1964 J February B
1965 K March C
1966 L April D
1967 M May E
    June F
    July G
    August H
    September J
    October K
    November L
    December M

1968 - 1991
Date codes from 1968 to 1991 are written in the form: Month/Year/Day. For example: KH7 = 7th October 1975
Year Code Month Code
1968 A January A
1969 B February B
1970 C March C
1971 D April D
1972 E May E
1973 F June F
1974 G July G
1975 H August H
1976 J September J
1977 K October K
1978 L November L
1979 M December M
1980 N    
1981 P    
1982 Q    
1983 R    
1984 S    
1985 T    
1986 U    
1987 V    
1988 W    
1989 X    
1990 Y    
1991 Z    

1992 - 2014
Date codes from 1992 to 2014 are written in the form: Day/Month/Year. For example: 29EJ = 29th May 1999

YearCode Month Code
1992 B January A
1993 C February B
1994 D March C
1995 E April D
1996 F May E
1997 G June F
1998 H July G
1999 J August H
2000 K September J
2001 L October K
2002 M November L
2003 N December M
2004 P    
2005 Q    
2006 R    
2007 S    
2008 T    
2009 U    
2010 V    
2011 W    
2012 X   
2013 Y    
2014 Z   

2015 onwards
Date codes from 2015 onwards are written in the form: Month/Year/Day. For example: JA21 = 21st September 2015

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