This competition winning design from James uses a CDX1-1446 and TF1225 along with a TF0818MR to create a 3-way horn-loaded mid/high cabinet.

October 11, 2013

According to James's design criteria: I set myself the goal of designing a 3-way horn-loaded mid/high cabinet covering ~ 120Hz upwards for use above a separate bass cabinet. I wanted the cabinet to be small, lightweight, cost effective, high sensitivity, scalable/arrayable and reasonably simple to construct.

The main cabinet houses a 12-inch front loaded horn with fairly large front and rear chambers helping to aid extension to around 120Hz, It utilises a slot throat to minimise path length differences in the fold and should help aid upper extension to a crossover point to the mid horn at around 400Hz.

It also contains front-mounted 8-inch /1-inch coax mid/high horn that also doubles as an access panel for the 12-inch driver, the mid/high horn uses the Celestion TF0818MR and the CDX1-1446.

A very cool design indeed, check out more details in the PDF below.

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