FTX Coaxial Louspeakers: Common Magnet Motor

The new FTX Series are high power cast aluminium chassis coaxial speakers with a number of technical features to maximise performance

April 4, 2014

By concentrically aligning low and high frequency drivers, coaxial loudspeakers act as a single source, often providing improvements in signal alignment when compared to a traditional two-way system.

Celestion's FTX coaxial range features fully combined LF and HF components that are powered by a Common Magnet Motor Assembly (same magnet for both elements).

This enables the voice coils and hece the acoustic centres of the two drivers to be brought closer together, delivering further improvements in signal coherence for a more natural sounding audio reproduction.

The current FTX range features a 12" model: FTX1225, an 8" model: FTX0820 and a 6" model: FTX0617.
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