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YouTube David Pedragosa

David Pedragosa
Rosana, El Barrio, Orquesta Mondragón

"Celestion speakers always respected what my music had to say and made it loudly, clearly and honestly" Web:
Garrett Perales

Garrett Perales
Jacob Whitesides, Kelsea Ballerini

"I’ve always used Celestion speakers because they sound amazing! Can’t imagine using anything else." Gear: Alnico Cream, G12M-65 Creamback, Vintage 30, G12M Greenback
YouTube Nick Perri

Nick Perri
Silvertide, Perry Farrell, Shinedown

"Can you imagine Rock N' Roll without Celestions? ME NEITHER!" Gear: G12M Greenback, Vintage 30 Web:
YouTube Doug Pettibone

Doug Pettibone

"Celestion is the only speaker that allows me to get the bone tone." Gear: G10 Greenback Web:
Devin  Powers

Devin Powers
Producer, Composer

"The only speakers I use are Celestion! They have a dynamic and magical voice that can focus each guitar I own to sound its absolute best." Web:
Geoff Queen

Geoff Queen
Austin-based touring/session player

"Celestion speakers have a classic voicing that can't be duplicated. When I need that sound, I need THAT sound!"
Paul Quinn

Paul Quinn

"Discover what makers and (ab)users worldwide have known for decades, and FILL YOUR HEADS WITH CELESTION THUNDER" Gear: Vintage 30 Web: