4x12 Cabinet IR – Authentic Tone Without the Hassle

4x12 Cabinet IR – People still LOVE the sound of a 4x12, whether it’s from a physical cabinet or using an authentic Celestion impulse response.

August 17, 2018

A 4x12 speaker cabinet has been a rock icon since the 60’s, and it’s still probably the most popular cabinet configuration for any guitarist looking for a “proper” heavy sound. And it seems the popularity of the 4x12 is carrying over to the digital world too, since Celestion 4x12 IRs outsell all our other cabinet types. 

So a few months ago we asked our Facebook followers: “Hands up who takes a 4x12 to gig with them these days?” The response was massive, with over 400 replies, revealing the a large number of pros and cons around using a physical 4x12 cabinet, including the new option of using a Celestion  4x12 cabinet IR. 

While there were a wide range of reasons given for using or not using a physical 4x12 (read the details here at our blog) one thing seemed to be almost universally constant: people still LOVE the sound of a 4x12 – they’re just finding different ways of getting that tone, whether it’s from a modern, more powerful 2x12 or even a 1x12, or whether they’re embracing the digital route and using one of our IRs instead.

It seems the 4x12 is going to be with us – in one form or another – for a very long time yet. All our speaker impulse responses are available in a 4x12 closed back cabinet configuration – explore our full range of IRs here.
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