BUILD THIS! Dual 21-inch subwoofer

It's a monster! Celestion have designed a dual horn-loaded subwoofer cabinet, specifically for use with the NTR21-5010JD neo magnet, cast aluminium LF driver.

November 4, 2014

We were asked to design a dual horn-loaded subwoofer for our NTR21-5010JD speaker. It had to be a hard-hitting long throw horn design that "kicks you in the chest". This design would be stackable (if you have a truck), with four cabinets being the optimum.

Specifications are:

Material: 18mm birch plywood
Drivers: 2 x NTR21-5010JD
Max continuous SPL (predicted, single box): 138dB 1-watt/1m (-6dB at 45Hz,)
Recommended high pass filter: Butterworth: 24 dB/octave (40Hz cut-off)

Alternatively buy a DIY kit here

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