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Your Gear
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I want an amp/cab that responses well for both guitar and bass and I chose Fender Bassman 50 Silverface + Celestion G15V-100 Fullback. The speaker responses well for my bass and also for vintage clean guitar tones. That's not versatile enough, so I added a BBE Sonic Stomp after my high gain outboard preamp, and the speaker moved as fast as 12 inch ones. That's the most versatile system I can imagine, from bass, vintage clean guitars, to modern high gain guitars.

- Installing my G15V-100 Fullback.

My Diy Cab / Celestion Greemback G12M

- Rukchat.Y

Old GT80's

- Chris Gooch

Diezel 212 Rearloaded with V30, by far my best decision for my gear. Balanced and heavy if needed, this cab is a blessing for my Triple Rectifier. Some doubt with Rectos clean channel? Well, try the rearloaded Diezel Cab. Awesome.

- Daniel Moritsch