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Scott Henderson

Scott Henderson

"I've used Celestion speakers since I started playing guitar. My first speakers were G12M Greenbacks and they're still what I use today." Gear: G12M Greenbacks Web:
YouTube Chris Henderson

Chris Henderson
3 Doors Down

"When you play 300 live shows a year on every continent, fans demand the best from us. We use Celestion because we demand the best from our speakers. " Gear: Celestion Gold Web:
YouTube  Hettory


"I use Celestion speakers because they are the best speakers with the best sound." Gear: Vintage 30, BN15-300S Web:
Johnny Hiland

Johnny Hiland

"I love my Celestion G12 Century speakers. They allow me to play loud without sacrificing clean tone. The G12’s are super light weight, yet pack a mean punch." Gear: G12 Century Web:
YouTube Nick Hipa

Nick Hipa
As I Lay Dying

"If there was a to-the-death-cage-fight amongst all speakers in the world... I'd bet on Celestion Vintage 30s to dominate and destroy with extreme prejudice!" Gear: Vintage 30 Web:
Gary Hoey

Gary Hoey

"All my heroes have used Celestion, and now I know why. Be a hero." Web:
YouTube Wolf Hoffman

Wolf Hoffman

"Celestion G12H is THE best speaker for guitar!" Gear: G12H30 Web:
Gary Holt

Gary Holt

"With my cabs loaded with Vintage 30s I'm pretty confident you will be hearing one of the world's greatest guitar sounds! Super crunchy, that's for sure!" Gear: Vintage 30 Web: