Celestion Warranty Policy

Retail Warranty Policy

The warranty on Celestion loudspeaker products is valid for three (3) years from date of initial purchase. Celestion’s retail product warranty covers the original purchaser and any subsequent owners, provided the product was originally purchased from an authorised Celestion distributor or reseller. If you are making a warranty claim it’s important to provide an original and dated proof of purchase or the claim cannot be processed.

This warranty covers damage specifically arising from defects in materials and manufacturing. Your speaker is not covered if damage has: been caused by product modification, accident, neglect, misuse, abuse;  been incurred during transportation; resulted from repairs, alterations, or misrepresentation by the reseller; been caused during initial shipping, for example a bent chassis*.

Note, the warranty will not cover any product that has had labels or date code defaced, modified or removed.

*All speakers are individually inspected at the factory before packing. Goods dropped from a height can become damaged, even with no sign of external box damage, therefore damage of this type must be claimed from the delivery company.

Retail warranty claim process

1.     My speaker came loaded in a cabinet

If the speaker came to you loaded into a “finished product” for example a guitar combo or sound reinforcement cabinet, then the warranty claim will be processed by that product’s manufacturer. In this case, the speaker is covered under warranty for the same period as the finished product.  Please contact the manufacturer of that finished product, or the reseller from where it was purchased, for more information on how to process your warranty claim.

2.     My speaker came from a store/online reseller

If the speaker was originally bought from an authorised Celestion reseller such as an online retailer or a store, then the warranty period is three (3) years and the claim will be processed by that reseller. To make a warranty claim, simply follow these steps:

  • Communicate your claim directly to the reseller the product was bought from and ensure you provide a proof of purchase/receipt.
  • Goods must be kept until a final decision is made by the reseller in conjunction with Celestion. Sometimes it may be necessary to have the faulty product returned to Celestion for inspection.
  • Return of goods under warranty should be arranged and paid for by the purchaser. This will be reimbursed if the claim is successful.  
  • Repair, replacement or credit will be at the reseller’s discretion and will be provided in full, once the claim has been approved.
  • Shipping of replacement or repaired goods will be arranged by the reseller at their cost.

Other Types of Warranty

1.     Celestion OEM Warranty

Finished system brands, cabinet manufacturers and OEMs (Original Engineering Manufacturers) are covered by the Celestion OEM Warranty. Click here for more information. 

2.     Celestion Reseller Warranty

Distributors, dealers and other authorised resellers are covered by the Celestion Reseller Warranty. Click here for more information.

Celestion reserve the right to amend and modify their warranty agreements at any time. E&OE