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YouTube Todd Laningham

Todd Laningham
Wade Bowen

"Celestion speakers are the gateway to true expression and pure toneā€¦ Powerful and harmonically rich." Web:
YouTube Jake E.  Lee

Jake E. Lee
Red Dragon Cartel

"Since the day I first heard Purple Haze, Celestion has been for THE sound of Rock N' Roll, and for me it still is. " Gear: G12M Greenback Web:
Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis

"The more I used Celestion speakers, the more I fell in love with the tone. After first trying them, I've been replacing all the speakers in my seven speaker cabs with various models from Celestion." Gear: Heritage Series G12-65 Web:
YouTube Michael  Lockwood

Michael Lockwood
Lisa Marie Presley's Band

"I have been using Celestion speakers since I started playing guitar. (40 years ago!) It is the one thing in my audio path that has never changed. " Web:
YouTube Jeff Loomis

Jeff Loomis
Conquering Dystopia, Nevermore

"From day one as a pro guitar player my cabs have always been loaded with Celestion Speakers. The best of the best! " Gear: Vintage 30 Web:
Chris Mahoney

Chris Mahoney
The Chris Mahoney Project

"The one mainstay in my rig has always been Celestion. They're the final say in tone at the end of the chain." Web: