OEM Warranty Policy

The warranty on Celestion loudspeaker products for OEM customers remains in effect for three (3) years from date of manufacture, provided the product has been purchased directly from Celestion, an authorised agent or reseller.  

This warranty covers damage specifically arising from defects in materials and manufacturing. Your speaker is not covered if damage has: been caused by product modification, accident, neglect, misuse, abuse;  been incurred during transportation; resulted from repairs, alterations, or misrepresentation by the vendor; been caused during initial shipping, for example a bent chassis*.

In addition, the warranty will not cover any product that has had labels or date code defaced, modified or removed.

*All speakers are individually inspected at the factory before packing. Goods dropped from a height can become damaged, even with no sign of external box damage, therefore damage of this type must be claimed from the delivery company.

OEM Warranty Claim Process

  • The customer shall provide a regular (monthly unless otherwise agreed) report listing any warranty claims, using the standard form provided (Download here). The completed form and a copy of the associated dated invoice(s) should be sent to warranty@celestion.com.
  • Once Celestion has acknowledged the receipt of the warranty claim then product can be returned to Celestion if agreed necessary. Celestion will reimburse associated shipping costs if return is deemed a requirement.  
  • Celestion will evaluate each warranty report and where necessary, inspect the relevant products. A credit will be made to the customer’s account for all valid warranty claims: the credit will be issued within one month of Celestion validating the warranty claim.
  • Inspection findings by Celestion’s quality department are final on all claims.

 Celestion reserve the right to amend and modify this agreement at any time. E&OE