Celestion and Two notes Partner to Debut the Hempback Dynamic IR (DynIR) Virtual Cabinet Collection

Ipswich, UK (March 13, 2023) —Celestion, the world’s premier designer and manufacturer of guitar loudspeakers, well-known as the “Voice of Rock & Roll” behind many of the world’s most memorable guitar performances, is pleased to announce a partnership with Two notes and the introduction of their new DynIR (Dynamic IR) virtual cabinet collection together, the Celestion G12M-50 Hempback DynIR collection. 

The Hempback heralds a new-era in Celestion’s pursuit of next-generation guitar sonics. Fusing deft levels of definition, a superbly balanced low-end, oodles of mid-range presence and buttery smooth highs, the 50-Watt G12M Hempback exists in a class of its own. Distinctive and well-defined, the Hempback delivers a balanced low end, plenty of mid-band character together with smooth, silky highs. Especially suited for use in American voiced amps, for example combos such as a Deluxe Reverb® or Blues Jr.®, delivering true American-flavored tone along with cleans that are second to none. The Hempback offers a nefarious blend of tonal distinction and a hyper-articulate response that’s exquisitely tuned for clean and saturated tones alike.

The DynIR cabinets are only compatible with Two notes Torpedo hardware and software. The Celestion Hempback Two Notes DynIR collection includes five cabinet configurations: 1×12 (both open and closed back), 2×12 (both open and closed back) and 4×12 (closed back,) available individually or as a full set.

For a limited time through the end of March, Two notes is offering a special 30% discount on the Celestion collection of DynIRs and DynIR Cabinets.

About Two notes

Two notes Audio Engineering is the brainchild of Dr. Guillaume Pille, a passionate musician who graduated from Montpellier University in 2005. During Guillaume’s time at University (where he spent his rare spare time recording, gigging and engineering bands) he had become frustrated with having a great tube amp, an ENGL, but not being able to use it to its full potential – and that is before he started to think about recording guitar tones or engineering other bands. Guillaume understood that this was a common problem faced by many players, producers and engineers – they just wanted to open their amp up but don’t have the opportunity to do so. Guillaume’s passion for music and tone drove him to develop the product he needed to ‘open his amp up’ fully. At that time, there wasn’t a product available to allow him to do that (and have it sound awesome – especially when recording at home) so he started to design one. His thought process was clear – he needed the ability to record amps sounding full and powerful and feel all the response that comes with them ‘running hot’. Ultimately, Guillaume needed the ability to play (and record) with complete control of sound levels.

About Celestion Digital

The introduction of authentic Celestion Impulse Responses represented the company’s forward step in making their celebrated speaker tones available as digital downloads. Celestion IRs capture the essential behavior of a speaker in a particular cabinet in the specific space in which it was recorded, including the frequency and phase response of single drivers as well as the interaction of multiple speakers. They offer significant benefits in both recording and live production, enabling the desired tone to be precisely and consistently reproduced regardless of the recording or live sound environment. Explore, audition and download the extensive collection of Celestion guitar and bass Impulse Responses at celestionplus.com. The introduction of Celestion SpeakerMix Pro sees the company delivering a truly forward-thinking studio software solution that enables users to get every ounce of tone from Impulse Response technology. The companion Dynamic Speaker Responses launched alongside the plug-in exemplify the next generation in speaker response emulation, representing a true advancement in the technology of digital speaker tone.
Celestion Plus.

About Celestion and Celestion Guitar Speakers

An important element to essential British guitar tone since the birth of Rock & Roll, Celestion Guitar Speakers are famous for their lively and vocal midrange character with plenty of sparkle and chime. With worldwide headquarters in Ipswich, England, Celestion design, develop and manufacture premium guitar and bass loudspeakers, and high-quality professional audio drivers for sound reinforcement. These world-renowned speakers are used onstage and in clubs, theatres and other venues the world over. Contact Celestion at: info@celestion.com and visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/celestion.