Celestion Shows Their Range of Versatile PA Products at NAMM 2023

Anaheim, CA (April 12, 2023) —Celestion, one of the world’s leading suppliers of professional loudspeakers and compression drivers for sound reinforcement applications, is pleased to show a range of versatile professional audio products at NAMM 2023, including the new PowerProX18 subwoofer and the new TFX0412 4-inch ferrite magnet coaxial driver, the CDX1-1412  1” exit, neodymium magnet high frequency compression driver  and the  CF1025BMB 10-inch ferrite magnet, cast aluminum chassis professional audio loudspeaker,  which has been named a finalist for the 2023 TEC Award for outstanding technical achievement. This range of Celestion’s key PA products will be on display at the company’s NAMM 2023 booth #6602.


Making its debut at the NAMM 2023 show is the of the 18-inch PowerProX18 subwoofer, whose relentless high-quality performance makes it ideally suited to applications including cinema sound, fixed install and touring sound reinforcement.

The subwoofer features an advanced cooling design that enables its voice coil to run 20°C cooler than comparable competitor drivers. This greatly reduces heat-related stress on the 4-inch glass-fibre voice coil former and other thermally sensitive parts. It also reduces the temperature-related rise in Re (coil resistance) that causes power compression. By operating at less severe temperatures, the subwoofer offers end users brand-new-out-of-the-box high performance throughout the product’s lifespan.

Through detailed research Celestion has identified advanced adhesives that ensure additional driver performance and durability. In the interest of performance longevity, especially in outdoor applications such as concerts, the glass fibre-loaded cellulose cone is weatherproofed not only on the front side, but on the back as well.

With a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, the PowerProX18 subwoofer’s power rating is a mighty 1200 watts nominal (AES) and 2400 watts continuous. Sensitivity, measured at 1W@1m in 2π space is 97dB. Its Bl (motor force) curve exhibits remarkable symmetry, and thanks to the cone’s polysiloxane-laminated dual suspension, which provides greater stability and improves cone displacement symmetry, the K (stiffness) curve again reveals superb symmetry resulting in reduced distortion.

An aluminium demodulation ring reduces the inductance (Le) of the motor circuit — only 1.61mH at 1kHz — which also contributes to lowering power compression. The ring also reduces harmonic distortion as the voice coil and cone move in the gap toward either pole of the magnet.

The subwoofer has a usable frequency range of 35 to 1000Hz, making it suitable for any large subwoofer applications, and excels when delivering the deep, palpable lows of cinema audio. Xmax is calculated at ±9.3mm. Its chassis supports a 3.5kg ferrite magnet, while the overall weight of the subwoofer is 13.2kg (29.1lb.)

PowerProX18 is designed for longevity of high performance, delivering maximum durability and reliability throughout the lifespan of each speaker. It is intended to surpass the performance of other 18-inch subwoofer drivers in its class, making it ideal for challenging sound reinforcement and cinema sound applications.


Also making its debut at NAMM is Celestion’s new TFX0412 4-inch ferrite magnet coaxial driver. With a rigid pressed steel chassis, 1.25” diameter (LF) / 1’ diameter (HF) copper clad aluminum voice coil, the TFX0412 provides a very cost-effective addition to the company’s well-established series of coaxial units, for applications requiring compact, discreet sound reinforcement such as ceiling speakers and cinema audio.

The TFX0412 features a fully combined LF loudspeaker and HF compression driver that are powered by a common magnet motor assembly, with the same magnet used for both the LF and HF elements. This enables the voice coils and hence the acoustic centres of the two transducers to be brought as close together as possible, delivering further improvements in signal coherence and time alignment, for a more natural sounding audio reproduction. With the delivery of both low and high frequency signals from the same chassis, the TFX0412 offers a combined frequency response of 90 Hz to 20,000 Hz (a crossover is required.)

The single magnet assembly also offers the advantages of a lighter weight and a more compact profile compared to more conventional dual motor coaxial designs, enabling the speaker to be used in applications where space is at a premium.

The TFX0412, features a polyimide film HF diaphragm, enabling it to provide greater high frequency power handling. Celestion’s next-generation Sound Castle™ soft clamping assembly decreases operational stress on the diaphragm, for further reduced distortion and even greater reliability of performance.

Both HF and LF voice coils are edge wound using copper clad aluminium. Not only does this increase voice coil barrel stiffness for more accurate sound reproduction; it enables a closer coil wire packing density, leading to improved cooling and increased motor strength.

Also included is a demodulation ring that minimises the effects of power compression, as well as substantially reducing the harmonic and intermodulation distortion that is commonly associated with voice coil displacement.


Celestion’s CDX1-1412  is a 1” exit, neodymium magnet high frequency compression driver. The unit’s ultra-compact size makes it ideal for small two-way cabinet designs and other highly portable applications, at a very attractive price point.

The latest of Celestion’s high frequency compression drivers, the CDX1-1412 is extremely compact for a 1” exit compression driver, enabling it to be fitted into small cabinets where space is critical, or to be used with multiple driver horns. The unit features plenty of output for a driver this size:  35W (AES standard), 70W (Continuous) power rating, and 107dB sensitivity across a 1500 to 20kHz frequency band.

The CDX1-1412 features a 34mm/1.4-inch diameter edgewound copper clad aluminium voice coil, and a 25mm/1.-inch exit size. The new driver provides 70-watt power handling and delivers a 107dB sensitivity performance over a frequency range of 1,500-20,000Hz, with a recommended crossover frequency of 2,000Hz. The unit features a single piece Polyimide film diaphragm and surround, and is fabricated using a rigid engineering thermoplastic with a standard 2xM5 bolt fitting. Acoustic foam is utilised to minimise internal air cavity resonances, dampening unwanted reflections from the inside of the cover. This unit is ideal for a range of fixed install and compact array applications.


A finalist for outstanding technical achievement in the 2023 NAMM TEC Awards, Celestion’s CF1025BMB 10-inch (254mm) diameter ferrite magnet, cast aluminum chassis professional audio loudspeaker is well-suited to both bass and mid-bass applications and particularly excels as a bass unit in compact subwoofer applications.

The CF1025BMB features a 2.5”/64mm multi-layer voice coil providing 300W (AES standard) power handling and 92.5 dB sensitivity with an output frequency range of 45Hz to 5000Hz. The elastomer surround enables a longer Xmax compared to a conventional 10” mid-bass speaker, allowing the CF1025BMB to better reproduce lower frequencies. This makes the driver a natural solution for discreet, compact subwoofer applications. However, it also performs very smoothly up to 2kHz, making the CF1025BMB a superb option for 2-way designs with the added advantage of exceptional low frequency performance.

In addition to the extended low frequency performance, the unit features include Celestion’s smart airflow vented magnet assembly for dynamic heat dispersion to minimise power compression during operation; and an optimised T-pole magnet assembly to maximise the stability of cone movement for enhanced Bl symmetry, hence lower distortion.

Developed at Celestion’s headquarters in Ipswich, England, these products were designed using specialist in-house software deploying FEA (Finite Element Analysis) modelling techniques, enabling the Celestion engineering team rapidly to achieve genuine increases in performance, that translate into greater product longevity, and exceptionally low distortion.

These powerful PA products are the latest examples of Celestion’s continuing commitment to delivering a wide range of high-quality solutions for sound reinforcement and professional audio applications.

About Celestion

With worldwide headquarters in Ipswich, England, Celestion design, develop and manufacture high-quality professional audio loudspeakers and compression drivers for sound reinforcement; premium guitar and bass guitar loudspeakers. These world-renowned speakers are used onstage and in clubs, theatres and other venues the world over. Contact Celestion at: info@celestion.com and visit us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/celestion.