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YouTube Robin Finck

Robin Finck
Nine Inch Nails

"I've just always used these speakers and none other..." Gear: G12M Greenback Web:
Wayne Findlay

Wayne Findlay
Michael Schenker

"Celestion Speakers can handle anything! I wouldn't use anything else..." Web:
YouTube Robben Ford

Robben Ford

"For my taste, the G12-65 is the premier guitar speaker. So glad they're back!" Gear: Heritage Series G12-65 Web:
YouTube Richard Fortus

Richard Fortus
Guns 'n' Roses

"Celestion is as integral a part of my sound as my guitars and amps and I won't play anything but the best!" Gear: G12M Greenback Web:
YouTube Ian Fowles

Ian Fowles
The Aquabats, Gerard Way and the Hormones

"I've used Celestion's for 20 years and they have always taken my tone where i need it to go. Their sound is always superior." Gear: Vintage 30 Web:
YouTube Audley Freed

Audley Freed
Cry of Love, Black Crowes

"Celestion's are the only speakers I've ever used. I depend on 'em. They deliver in every situation and for every kind of music, on stage and in the studio."
Jason  Gambill

Jason Gambill
Lady Antebellum

"The G12s and Alnico Blues and Golds have never failed me--they just ooze and drip the pure, unadulterated RAWK that I sooooo love." Gear: Celestion Blue, Celestion Gold Web: