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YouTube Jaime  Hanna

Jaime Hanna
Gary Allan's Band

"No matter the style of music I'm playing, Celestion remains the ultimate delivery system of tone."
YouTube Alvin Youngblood  Hart

Alvin Youngblood Hart

"I really like these speakers... I got them with weight reduction in mind, that aside, they sound fantastic! " Gear: Century Vintage Web:
YouTube Benjamin Hazlett

Benjamin Hazlett
Paulina Rubio, Colbie Caillat, Hope Hazy

"I definitely feel like the Alnico Gold is my soul mate" Gear: Celestion Gold, Celestion Blue Web:
Scott Henderson

Scott Henderson

"I've used Celestion speakers since I started playing guitar. My first speakers were G12M Greenbacks and they're still what I use today." Gear: G12M Greenbacks Web:
YouTube Chris Henderson

Chris Henderson
3 Doors Down

"When you play 300 live shows a year on every continent, fans demand the best from us. We use Celestion because we demand the best from our speakers. " Gear: Celestion Gold Web:
Joshua Hernandez

Joshua Hernandez

"Celestion speakers have always been in my rigs as the voice to express MY tone." Web: