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YouTube Benjamin Hazlett

Benjamin Hazlett
Paulina Rubio, Colbie Caillat, Hope Hazy

"I definitely feel like the Alnico Gold is my soul mate" Gear: Celestion Gold, Celestion Blue Web:
Scott Henderson

Scott Henderson

"I've used Celestion speakers since I started playing guitar. My first speakers were G12M Greenbacks and they're still what I use today." Gear: G12M Greenbacks Web:
YouTube Chris Henderson

Chris Henderson
3 Doors Down

"When you play 300 live shows a year on every continent, fans demand the best from us. We use Celestion because we demand the best from our speakers. " Gear: Celestion Gold Web:
YouTube  Hettory


"I use Celestion speakers because they are the best speakers with the best sound." Gear: Vintage 30, BN15-300S Web:
Johnny Hiland

Johnny Hiland

"I love my Celestion G12 Century speakers. They allow me to play loud without sacrificing clean tone. The G12’s are super light weight, yet pack a mean punch." Gear: G12 Century Web:
Geoff Hill

Geoff Hill
Randy Rogers Band

Gear: G12M-65 Creamback, G12H-75 Creamback
YouTube Allen Hines

Allen Hines

"There is a good reason Celestions are the "industry standard"...My Classic Lead 80 speakers make me WANT to play." Gear: Classic Lead 80