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Aziz Ibrahim

Aziz Ibrahim
The Aziz Band, Ian Brown's band

"Those Golds are the dog's...!?!" Gear: Celestion Gold Web:
YouTube Mo  Ismail

Mo Ismail

"Great guitar tone needs great speakers. Celestion has been an integral part of my sound for over 15 years. " Gear: Vintage 30, G12K-100 Web:
YouTube  Jet

UK Subs

"I have always used the celestion speakers for every gig and recording before I even realised which speakers were loaded in my cabinets." Gear: Vintage 30 Web:
Damon Johnson

Damon Johnson
Alice Cooper's Band, Slave to the System, Whiskey Falls

"There's no other speaker on the planet that I would want to use in my Wizard cabinets beside Celestion. They are key to my guitar tone and my tone is GREAT!" Gear: Heritage Series G12M Web:

Reid Johnson
Kelsea Ballerini

"When I hear a speaker I like in someone else's rig and get a chance to inquire, it usually turns out to be a Celestion--and I'm never surprised!"
YouTube Caleb Jones

Caleb Jones
Wade Bowen

"Great bass guitar and amp tones only sound as good as the speakers they're played through. Celestion is how I always wanted my bass to sound; they're roadworthy & they stand the test of time!" Gear: Bass


"Celestion speakers are the classic sound of Heavy Metal. Nothing cuts through or crunches like a Celestion." Gear: Vintage 30 Web:
YouTube Brian Kahanek

Brian Kahanek

"The only thing I haven't changed in the 30 plus years I've been pickin' are my Celestion Speakers" Gear: G12M-65 Creamback, G12M Greenback Web: