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Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie Malmsteen

"I like the Celestion G12T-75 speaker because it is very fluid and complements the violin-like tone and feel of my guitar playing. I have used Celestions since the early days of my career in Sweden." Gear: G12T-75 Web:
YouTube J Mascis

J Mascis
Dinosaur Jr.

"I've used Celestion since I started playing guitar. They've got that indefinable sparkle that kicks my guitar over the top." Gear: Vintage 30, G12H Anniversary Web:
Boo Massey

Boo Massey
Miranda Lambert

"I use Celestions live and in the studio. Nothing sounds better!" Gear: Vintage 30, Alnico Cream
Patrick Matera

Patrick Matera
Katy Perry

"Celestion Gold speakers sound amazing, they've got a warm vintage tone with tight and punchy low end that's helped me get the best sound I've ever had." Gear: Celestion Gold
YouTube Mike McClure

Mike McClure
Mike McClure Band, The Great Divide

"I've been using celestion speakers since I was rocking a Crate G-60 in my parents garage. To clarify, that's been 25 years ago. " Web:
Eamonn McCormack

Eamonn McCormack

"The speaker is the final cog in the wheel that delivers your unique sound and tone. Celestion are the biz...end of story!" Gear: Vintage 30 Web:
YouTube Stephen  McGrath

Stephen McGrath
Billy Idol

"With all the different amps I use, I always come back to celestion speakers for my sound " Gear: BN10-300X