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YouTube Charly Rey

Charly Rey

"I rely on my VINTAGE 30s. They add clarity and punch to my sound!" Gear: Vintage 30 Web:
YouTube Tony  Rombola

Tony Rombola

"From clean to scream and everything in between, Celestion is the way!" Gear: Vintage 30 Web:
Jim Root

Jim Root

"All my speaker enclosures are blessed with Celestions. As far as I'm concerned there is no other choice." Gear: G12T-75
Tonio Ruiz

Tonio Ruiz

"With Celestion I am confident the voice of my guitar will be at its very best. When there’s Celestion behind me I know I’ll sound good" Gear: Vintage 30 Web:
YouTube Tony Ruland

Tony Ruland
The Lonely Forest

"Between endless delay oscillations and multiple fuzzes ... my Celestions always sound the way they should." Gear: Blue, G12H, Vintage 30, Greenback Web:


"I need to be very particular about my tone, in both my guitar rig and PA sound system. That's why both of them rely on Celestion speakers for a high quality, consistent tone. " Web:
Doug Scarratt

Doug Scarratt

"I remember the first time I heard the V30 and thinking "f*ck!ng hell, that's exactly what I want!' I couldn't listen to any other cab in the room." Gear: Vintage 30 Web: