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YouTube Dan Spitz

Dan Spitz
Red Lamb

"Pure tone of death that stands the test of time and into the forevermore! My ribs get crushed nightly by my stereo Celestions!" Gear: Blue, G12H30 Web:
YouTube Michael Spreitzer

Michael Spreitzer

"I've experimented with other speakers, but nothing sounds better than a 4x12 cabinet loaded with Celestions." Gear: G12K-100 Web:
YouTube Charlie Starr

Charlie Starr
Blackberry Smoke

"As far as I'm concerned, if you want tone that has 'that thing', Celestion speakers are a necessary ingredient in the recipe... " Gear: Heritage Series G12H (75), Greenback Web:
Steve Stevens

Steve Stevens
Billy Idol's band

"Every note, every chord, every song, every record – all done with Celestion speakers. Celestion is rock & roll." Gear: Vintage 30, Celestion Gold Web:
YouTube Tommy  Stinson

Tommy Stinson
Guns n' Roses

"I'm loving these 15-inch Celestions. They work great! " Gear: BL15-400X Web:
YouTube Frankie Sullivan

Frankie Sullivan

"I've been using Celestion Speakers since my first amp, a used, mint 1965 JTM45 with killer Greenbacks in it!" Gear: Alnico Cream Web: