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YouTube Michael Spreitzer

Michael Spreitzer

"I've experimented with other speakers, but nothing sounds better than a 4x12 cabinet loaded with Celestions." Gear: G12K-100 Web:
YouTube Charlie Starr

Charlie Starr
Blackberry Smoke

"As far as I'm concerned, if you want tone that has 'that thing', Celestion speakers are a necessary ingredient in the recipe... " Gear: Heritage Series G12H (75), Greenback Web:
Steve Stevens

Steve Stevens
Billy Idol's band

"Every note, every chord, every song, every record – all done with Celestion speakers. Celestion is rock & roll." Gear: Vintage 30, Celestion Gold Web:
YouTube Tommy  Stinson

Tommy Stinson
Guns n' Roses

"I'm loving these 15-inch Celestions. They work great! " Gear: BL15-400X Web:
YouTube Frankie Sullivan

Frankie Sullivan

"I've been using Celestion Speakers since my first amp, a used, mint 1965 JTM45 with killer Greenbacks in it!" Gear: Alnico Cream Web:
YouTube Ken Susi

Ken Susi

"I will play Celestion for as long as I play in a band or work in a studio!" Gear: Vintage 30 Web: