A 12-inch ceramic full-range speaker for use with amp modellers and IRs

Finally a dedicated guitar speaker for amp modellers and IRs. The F12-X200 is a truly full range driver that delivers a frequency response from 60Hz all the way up to 20kHz the higher frequency part of the signal is reproduced using a Celestion compression driver which has been integrated using a high quality crossover circuit. This enables the F12-X200 to reproduce the full spectrum of audible frequencies for the most accurate output possible whatever your environment and set-up.

The F12-X200’s response is remarkably neutral with Celestion technology built in to ensure there are no unwanted colourations that can overpower the input signal. However the lighter moving mass and straighter sided cone of the type commonly used with guitar speakers gives the X200 the feel and live response of a traditional guitar speaker delivering all the physical feedback you’d expect from playing through a conventional guitar rig. It’s not just FRFR, it’s Full Range LIVE Response.

Used with amp modellers or IRs in a backline cab or a wedge monitor on stage or in the studio it doesn’t just sound like great guitar tone it feels like it too.