F12M-150 Triple Cone

A full range, live response speaker for use with amp modellers and IRs

The F12M-150 is a full range, LIVE response speaker, purpose designed for use with amp modellers and IRs. Its unique design features two additional tweeter cones integrated into the main woofer cone (making it “Triple Cone”). This enables the speaker to deliver near full-range frequency performance: from 60Hz up to 12kHz, for a rich and detailed sound, whatever your set-up.

Designed with Celestion’s Pro Audio know-how, response is flat and neutral, ensuring no unwanted colourations that could overwhelm the input signal. But with an optimised woofer cone and lighter moving mass the F12M-150 Triple Cone is designed to closely mimic the responsiveness of a traditional guitar speaker, delivering all the tactile feel you would expect from playing through a conventional guitar rig. It’s not just FRFR, it’s Full Range LIVE Response.