12-inch neodymium guitar speaker

Sacrificing none of the delicious musicality of your favourite Celestions the Copperback supplies tons of tone without the signature cone break-up immediately associated with the classic Celestion growl. Rated at a monstrous 250-watts the Copperback works together with your amp to provide unparalleled dynamics delivering all the headroom and touch sensitivity you could possibly need. Not only that, you get all this power and tone weighing in at a modest 5lb (2.3kg).

It’s definitely not the “brown sound” but for those wanting more transparency and less midrange vocal intensity the Copperback reveals the best from your amplifier and playing without additional colouration. The speaker’s unique response has a tight low-end, neutral low-mids a clear open upper-mid definition and well-controlled high treble meaning you can shift from shimmering tubular-bell-like cleans to “flute-like” high gain with simply a tweak of the drive knob.