CABINET DESIGN! AN2775 Compact Line Array Design

In response to our recent AN Series cab design competition, Jonathan from Florida submitted this excellent line array design. Nice work!

According to Jonathan, the goal is to have great sound dispersion while maintaining a flat response curve that would dip into the low end spectrum while keeping a respectable high end, with no accompanying HF drivers.

He chose the AN2775 due to it having the flattest low end response of the three AN Series models.

Jonathan further notes that his biggest obstacle to overcome was achieving enough low end response from these tiny drivers that have an Fs of 150Hz. Using a multiple driver setup in a slightly curved enclosure has enabled him to achieve an LF roll-off around the 60Hz level.

It’s a creative design (see the PDF below for full info) and we’re really excited to see it completed – which is why we sent Jonathan some AN2775 so he can build it!


pdf 94.pdf