Clayton Mitchell and Zeke Clark – Kenny Chesney’s Band

Clayton Mitchell, lead guitarist from Kenny Chesney’s band and Zeke Clark, the principal guitar technician who looks after the entire guitar backline for Kenny’s band, took some time out from the recent leg of the “No Shoes Nation” tour to talk to us about tone.

We sent over some Vintage 30s for the band, and they also tried out some G12-65s, and some Creambacks, just for some additional tonal flavor.

Clayton and Zeke were kind enough to tell us about themselves and what it is they love about Celestion. It’s great to officially meet you fellas – thanks for the endorsement and welcome to the Celestion family!

Clayton says: I’ve always used cabinets loaded with Celestion speakers because they always deliver a great guitar sound. Out on tour with Kenny Chesney I run my Top Hat 100 watt Emplexador through a pair of Celestion Vintage 30s which gives my les Paul a warm crunchy tone. I also have a Top Hat 30 watt Vanderbilt that I run through a pair of Celestion Blues that just have that chimey thing that sounds great with my strat. I’ve tried other speakers but I’ve always stuck with Celestion, because to my ear, they sound fantastic!

Zeke says: I’ve been a music professional for the past 38 years, I’ve worked on albums with such artists as Eric Martin, Journey, Jefferson Starship, Van Halen, Heart, Poison, Faith Hill, Clint Black as well as Kenny Chesney. On all the records my speakers of choice have always been Celestion, they have the best tonality of any speaker on the market and they’ve always been very reliable on tour, easily handling the power of my 100-watt amplifiers. For me, you just can’t beat the overall performance and sound!