Celestion A-Type – Now Available as an Impulse Response

Launched in 2014, the A-Type is a 50 watt ceramic magnet guitar speaker which offers Celestion tone with an American flavour. This is most noticeable in the midrange, which is much more laid-back compared to our other classic speakers, and gives a warm, well-rounded tone. But mellow definitely does not mean muddy with the A-Type – the clarity and articulation are exceptional – especially for clean playing, but the definition stays strong for high gain playing too. There is a surprise at the low end too, with a big, blooming tone, great for rock or even metal.
Want to give the A-Type a whirl but not ready to replace your physical speakers yet? The A-Type is now available as an impulse response, in 5 different cabinet configurations. Find out more at the blog, or download the Celestion A-Type impulse responses here.