G12M-50 Hempback: True American Flavoured Tone

Part science, part dark art: cone design is perhaps the most artisan element of a guitar speaker’s manufacturing process. It relies on the formulation of a cellulose mixture (paper pulp) that’s in balance both chemically and tonally.

The paper mixture requires various additives, the correct beating process and the appropriate shape forming method; all of which contribute to the cone’s characteristics affecting weight, stiffness and compliance. Only an experienced hand (and ear) can be trusted to select the appropriate ingredients and methodology when formulating a new cone to achieve a desired tone.

Experience has found that adding hemp fibres to a guitar speaker cone, mixed in just the right quantity, enables the creation of a truly unique and different sound.

The G12M-50 Hempback is Celestion’s first ever hemp cone guitar speaker, representing a new development in the company’s never-ending pursuit of outstanding tone.  In developing it, Celestion has combined a hemp cone selected for its sweet and smooth musical character and combined it with a medium weight (35 oz) ceramic magnet chosen for optimum tonal balance. The result is both surprisingly different and at the same time ‘reassuringly Celestion’, delivering a balanced low end, plenty of mid-band character together with smooth, silky highs and is sure to take your tone in an exciting new direction!

The speaker is particularly suited for use in American voiced amps, for example combos such as a Fender® Deluxe Reverb® or Blues Jr.®, delivering true American-flavoured tone along with cleans that are second to none. Load up a Hempback for a smooth and “smoky” sound that’s musical and responsive, and let the hemp tone shine through.

Nominal diameter: 305mm/12in
Power handling: 50W
Nominal impedance: 8Ω, 16Ω
Sensitivity: 99dB
Chassis type: Pressed Steel
Voice coil diameter: 44mm/1.75in
Voice coil material: Round copper
Magnet type: Ceramic
Magnet weight: 0.9kg/35oz
Frequency range: 75Hz-5000Hz
Resonance freq.: 75Hz