PowerProX18: Extreme Reliability + Relentless High-Quality Bass Performance

Today’s sound reinforcement systems are designed to more exacting standards than ever before, so it is necessary for low frequency loudspeakers not only to be able to perform well, but to maintain that standard of performance over long periods of high-power use. Many drivers function well on initial testing and the first few hours of use, while over the longer term their performance degrades noticeably.

Featuring an advanced cooling system and components with superior thermal stability, PowerProX18 operates with its voice coil consistently at 20°C lower than competing products. The outcome is ultimate control over power compression, extreme reliability and a relentless high-quality performance, even after 100s of hours of use, delivering a brand-new-out-of-the-box performance throughout the product’s lifespan.

PowerProX18 is a bass speaker for use in applications where high reliability is crucial. From fixed installation applications such as cinemas, nightclubs or houses of worship to large format toursound systems where rigorous demands are placed the many multiples of drive units that are used in a single system. Thanks to weatherproofing on both sides of the cone it can be used in outdoor applications, or locations that have naturally high humidity.

With a nominal impedance of 8 ohms, the PowerProX18 offers a mighty 1200 watts nominal (AES) and 2400 watts continuous power rating, with sensitivity measured at 97dB. PowerProX18 has a usable frequency range of 35 to 1000Hz and an Xmax of ±9.3mm. Its Bl (motor force) curve exhibits remarkable symmetry, and thanks to the cone’s polysiloxane-laminated dual suspension, which provides greater stability and improves cone displacement symmetry, the K (stiffness) curve again reveals superb symmetry resulting in reduced distortion.

An aluminium demodulation ring reduces the inductance (Le) of the motor circuit,  which also contributes to lowering power compression. The ring also reduces harmonic distortion as the voice coil and cone move in the gap toward either pole of the magnet.

Developed at Celestion’s headquarters in Ipswich, England, PowerProX18 was designed using specialist in-house software deploying FEA (Finite Element Analysis) modelling techniques. Our superior design capability enables Celestion engineers rapidly to achieve genuine increases in performance, resulting in greater product longevity, and exceptionally low distortion.