Celestion Announces the Availability of the PULSE XL Range of Bass Guitar Loudspeakers

Ipswich, UK (January 22, 2024) — At NAMM 2024, Celestion, the premier manufacturer of guitar and bass loudspeakers and professional audio drivers for sound reinforcement applications, is very pleased to announce the availability of the PULSE XL Range of bass guitar loudspeakers. The bass guitar speakers in the new PULSE XL range include the 10”/254mm PULSE XL10.20, the 12”/305mm PULSE XL12.20, the 15’/381mm PULSE XL15.25. Also included is the PULSE XL 1.10 Supertweeter.

The PULSE XL bass guitar speakers are engineered with a deep reaching frequency response for a full and round low-end. Punchy and responsive, they’resophisticated enough to articulate smoother sounds, but versatile enough to bring a bold- faced swagger for the times when you need to stand up, dial it up and roar.

PULSE XL speakers feature long voice coils for a deeper bass sound and greater clarity, wound with round copper for just the right amount of treble, formed on heat retardant polyimide for all the power handling you could possibly need.

The speakers’ hard-felt dust caps smooth out excessive cone distortion, so the low end stays deep and warm and the treble is always clean and precise. Each speaker features a multi-roll surround, which allows for plenty of cone excursion (throw) and gives a satisfying growl when players dig in and play loud.

And for those who want to extend their frequency range for additional high-end spank, the PULSE XL1.10 Supertweeter delivers all the sweet treble players could possibly ask for.

The PULSE XL range is now available at your local retailer.

See these Celestion bass guitar speakers as well as their range of products at NAMM 2024 in Anaheim, January 25-27, 2024, Booth #6302.

About Celestion and Celestion Guitar Speakers

With worldwide headquarters in Ipswich, England, Celestion design, develop and manufacture high-quality professional audio loudspeakers and compression drivers for sound reinforcement, premium guitar and bass guitar loudspeakers. These world-renowned speakers are used onstage and in clubs, theatres and other venues the world over. 2024 marks Celestion’s 100th year, please join us in the celebration. W: celestion.com