Interview with Alf Garnett – Owner of LIGWA Sound Systems

We had the pleasure of attending the Loco Klub in Bristol in September 2023, with LIGWA Sound Systems, owned by Alf Garnett, a long-standing client of Celestion. LIGWA powered the night with roof-shaking sound, with their impressive stack of custom-made PA speaker cabinets, loaded with the brand new, soon to be released Celestion TSQ2145 PA drivers.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, these Celestion drivers are built with enhanced durability, greater stability and work at a lower temperature to ensure exceptionally long-lasting high performance. Even with the output set to less than 20% here, these new speaker drivers created a visceral audio experience that could be felt through your whole body. They are designed to meet the heaviest outputs required at large venues, from outdoor festivals to indoor arenas and clubs. This night provided a sneak preview of just how powerful they are.

The Loco Klub is an underground, brick-built venue beneath the Temple Mead railway station and night starred Caveman Collective, a drum & bass DJ group based in London, with two supporting acts. It was definitely a night to remember for all the right reasons!

About LIGWA Sound Systems

LIGWA specialise in live sound reinforcement systems of the highest quality and have been a valued client of Celestion for over 30 years.

Their philosophy is to provide the highest quality sound reinforcement system, with a focus on high attention to detail.

Interview With Alf Garnett – Owner of LIGWA Sound Systems

Alf Garnett is the owner of LIGWA Sound Systems, based in London. He has been working with Celestion for over 30 years. We had the pleasure of interviewing him as the crew set up.

How did your relationship with Celestion come about?

“As a young man making speaker boxes, going back 30 years ago now, I couldn’t really reach many companies if I wanted a speaker. They weren’t really interested because I wasn’t a big company, but Celestion were the company that gave me a chance.

I started with a simple HDX speaker, which was very new at the time, for the reggae market; nobody else was using it at the time because they were more fascinated with Fane and the PD1850 speakers. From there, that’s how I built my relationship with Celestion – they were always there and always willing to send people my way who needed a sound system. I was just a little man, not a big corporate company, so it was a bit of a David & Goliath story, really – they had faith in the little man!

To this day, with the new TSQ2145 drivers, they’re still exercising the same faith in LIGWA as a brand as they did when I very first started. They’re a great, British company – I’ve always been a British manufacturer and all my products, even down to the amplifiers, are manufactured here in the UK. It’s great to have a 21-inch speaker manufactured in the UK, so the sound system is 100% British!”


And what sparked your work with Artists like Caveman Collective?

“One of my main goals with what I do is to pass my knowledge down. So basically, these young men came to me, and they wanted to purchase a sound system; they had a dream and a focus. Their vision and their concept was amazing.

I said ‘listen, we can do this together’, because they’re very unique in the way they look at sound and the way they want to get their message across. They’re a bunch of guys that went to school and university together, and they’ve developed this Caveman Collective which is one of the most unique things I’ve ever heard.

It’s not just about music, they’re looking to make positive changes in people’s lives.

They’re almost like a family, born from the same mother of music. I’ve met many crews over the years and many young people who want to get into the scene, but these guys had the ingredients which I needed to involve myself with their mission as LIGWA. For me, it’s amazing to be a part of this journey.”

About The Celestion TSQ2145 PA Drivers

The upcoming Celestion TSQ2145 PA driver uses advanced temperature control using a 3-channel tuned venting system, providing highly efficient cooling across the frequency band.

The voice coil of the speaker typically operates at 30°C lower temperature than other leading drivers in this class, leading to longer, sustained quality performance over many uses.

Furthermore, polysiloxane laminated triple suspension provides much greater stability and improved cone displacement symmetry.



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