FTX1530 Suggested Crossover and Cab Alignment

The FTX1530 is a 15″ diameter cast frame common motor coaxial speaker, with a single ferrite magnet that acts as a motor for both LF and HF drivers saving space and weight.

With a 3″ voice coil, the speaker provides a 800W continuous / 400W (AES standard) power rating with a 97dB LF sensitivity (106.5dB HF sensitivity). It incorporates a 3″ voice coil compression driver to deliver a 40Hz to 20kHz frequency response.

An external crossover is required, directing the low and high frequency parts of the input signal to the woofer and HF driver respectively. Full details of our suggested crossover design are included in the attached PDF.


pdf FTX1530 Suggested Crossover Design