The Creamback H guitar speaker.

The Creamback H satisfies the higher power demands of modern guitarists, while channeling the vintage mojo of the original G12H.

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Back in the 60s, Celestion took the moving parts of a G12M guitar speaker and put them together with an “H” (Heavy) magnet, to increase power rating. This resulted in the G12H, which had significantly different tone as well as more power handling.

So we repeated this process for the Creamback, carefully incorporating an H magnet with the existing Creamback moving parts. The result was the 75-watt Creamback H. It delivers towering G12H tone with Creamback levels of power handling.

G12H fans will already know what to expect from this speaker: characteristic Creamback tone with a more structured bass and a harder edge. It adds focus and body to make single notes sound thicker while remaining dynamic and articulate, and provides an extended low-end that gives smaller cabinets the feel of a 4×12.

Creamback H is designed to be weapon-of-choice for uncompromising players who know how to handle a high-performance tone machine. It has a gargantuan sonic presence, tailor-made for the big occasion. So load up your best gigging cabinet and let rip!

Featuring a retro-styled cream can, Creamback H is built with an eight-hole chassis for hassle-free upgrading. Available now in both 8ohm and 16ohm impedances.


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