The Celestion factory – 90 years on!

Over 90 years, Celestion has borne witness to almost every milestone in the development of professional audio.

In the history of the audio business, the 1960s overshadow everything that came before. But by the time the Beatles made Vox guitar amplifiers the sound of the
British Invasion, the company behind one of the main components had already reached its fourth decade. Its name was Celestion, and while it soon became an iconic rock and roll brand, its roots went far deeper.

This year that same company is celebrating its 90th anniversary. Over the years, much has changed. Owners and management have come and gone, new markets have been addressed then abandoned, factories that once opened in a blaze of publicity now no longer exist. Yet in essence it remains what it was at the very beginning, when Eric Mackintosh invented one of the world’s first cone loudspeakers.

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