What are the Best Celestion Speakers for Metal?

This is a question we see asked a lot on social media and forums, and it’s not surprising since some of the most iconic hard rock or metal guitarists and bands have chosen Celestion speakers to give them a properly heavy sound, either throughout their careers or for periods of time.
Well, there’s no single Celestion speaker that’s going to be the right answer here. It depends a lot on the type of metal you’re after – there are a lot of metal flavours to choose from – and of course your own personal preference.
For an “off-the-shelf” answer that’s guaranteed to give you a great heavy tone, a Vintage 30 or a G12M Greenback are very safe choices. But if you want to experiment more widely, without it costing a fortune in speakers, we recommend trying out some of our impulse responses. Our speaker IRs not only faithfully replicate our classic Celestion speaker tones, but also let you choose the cabinet configurations (think 4×12) and mic mixes (think Dark or
Dark 2 from our mix options) which go such a long way to giving you that metal sound.
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