When Physical Speakers Get Tricky…Try Celestion IRs

If you’re a regular reader of Speakerworld, the chances are you’re someone who really appreciates the authentic sound you get from a great physical speaker and cabinet setup.
But however much you love your speaker and cabinet, there are those times when getting it to do what you want can be really tricky. Such as getting it to make the same amazing tone you got yesterday evening – and you swear you didn’t move anything.
And if you do any kind of gigging with your speaker cab, getting it to sound right in each new venue can be a difficult business, what with different sound systems and spatial acoustics to contend with – and you only have an hour until doors open.
In these situations, Celestion IRs can save your bacon – as well as giving you reliable, awesome tone.Read this blog, inspired by a Pete Thorn video, to find out more about how Celestion impulse responses can enhance your playing experience.
Or check out our impulse response range right here.
(It’s OK – we know you still love your real speaker.)