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YouTube John Carroll

John Carroll
Cory Morrow

"I find Celestion in all of my favorite amps. I hear them on all my favorite records, played by my favorite guitarists. When it comes to the final and all-important stage of my tone, Celestion speakers" Gear: G12M-65 Creamback
YouTube Michael Carter

Michael Carter
Luke Bryan

"I've always liked to play loud, and Celestion makes loud sound really good. Sweet heat!"
YouTube JP Cervoni

JP Cervoni
Hendrix Disciples

"The Heritage G12M & G12H spell great Tone, feel, smooth distortion, even compression... The sound of Blues & Classic Rock at it's best." Gear: Heritage Series G12M, Heritage Series G12H Web:
Clint Chandler

Clint Chandler
Lady Antebellum

"My search for tone has led me down many roads but I always end up back here with Celestion. They're a classic for a reason!" Gear: Heritage G12H(75), G12M-65 Creamback Web:
Cesar Chanona

Cesar Chanona

"In my 20 years of playing only Celestion has given me all of the bass, definition and power I need to sound my best." Gear: BN12-300S Web:
Chris Cheney

Chris Cheney
The Living End

"Tough, Reliable and most importantly, the best damn tone there is!" Gear: Heritage Series G12H (55) Web:
Zeke Clarke

Zeke Clarke
Kenny Chesney's Band

"You just can't beat the overall performance and sound of Celestion speakers" Gear: Vintage 30, G12-65, Blue Web: