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YouTube Rick Burch

Rick Burch
Jimmy Eat World

"I play Celestion speakers because they deliver THE sound of rock n' roll." Gear: BL10-200X, BL15-400X Web:
YouTube Tyler Burkum

Tyler Burkum
Audio Adrenaline

"I have been playing Celestion speakers exclusively on the road and in the studio for the past thirteen years and they have never let me down!" Gear: G12M Greenback and G12H Anniversary Web:
Justin  Butler

Justin Butler
Randy Houser's Band

"With an unprecedented sound, feel, and response, Celestion remains the foundation for which all other speakers are judged." Gear: Blue, Gold, Vintage 30, G12H Anniversary Web:
Jim Campilongo

Jim Campilongo

"Celestion speakers attain a classic quality sound that sounds warm and full-bodied immediately upon installation." Gear: G10 Vintage Web:
YouTube Stephen Carpenter

Stephen Carpenter

"What can you say about Celestion that hasn't been said already? Speakers that make you literally FEEL GOOD when you're using them. Vintage 30s, T75s, and K100s are what I know, use and love!" Gear: G12K-100, G12T-75, Vintage 30 Web:
YouTube Michael Carter

Michael Carter
Luke Bryan

"I've always liked to play loud, and Celestion makes loud sound really good. Sweet heat!"
YouTube JP Cervoni

JP Cervoni
The Babys

"The Heritage G12M & G12H spell great Tone, feel, smooth distortion, even compression... The sound of Blues & Classic Rock at it's best." Gear: Heritage Series G12M, Heritage Series G12H Web: