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Chelsea Constable

Chelsea Constable

"It's pretty simple - I want to sound my best, so I use the best - there is only one choice - Celestion." Gear: G12M 'Greenback', Heritage Series G12H, Vintage 30 Web:
YouTube Billy Corgan

Billy Corgan
Smashing Pumpkins

"On every stage I've ever walked on, in every studio I've ever worked in, there's only been one speaker of choice to get THAT sound." Gear: G12T-75, Celestion G12M 'Greenback' Web:
YouTube Stevie D

Stevie D

Gear: There are many amps but there is only one speaker, Celestion! Web:
Ed DeGenaro

Ed DeGenaro

"In 25 years of playing for a living I have yet to use another speaker than a Celestion." Gear: Celestion Gold, Vintage 30, 65, G12M 'Greenback', Classic 80 Web:
John Denner

John Denner

"Celestion delivers every time! The best speakers on the planet" Gear: G12 EVH Web:
Jon Donais

Jon Donais
Shadows Fall

"Celestions make the best hard rock heavy metal speakers on the planet. I wouldn't put anything else in my cabinets." Gear: Vintage 30/ G12T-75 Web:
YouTube William DuVall

William DuVall
Alice In Chains

"I've used Celestion 25W and 30W speakers all my life. Simply put, Celestion is the standard" Gear: G12H anniversary, Vintage 30 Web: