YouTube Michael Amott

Michael Amott
Arch Enemy

"With my cabs loaded with Vintage 30's I am ready to deliver the full metal attack!" Gear: Vintage 30 Web:
YouTube Anthony  Armstrong

Anthony Armstrong

"Couple of Wizard cabinets with Celestion speakers and I beleive there isn't a better sounding combination out there. " Gear: Heritage Series G12H(55) Web:
Prashant Aswani

Prashant Aswani

"Gritty rhythm to liquid lead is my tone. Celestion Speakers make it all possible!" Gear: Classic Lead 80, G12M Greenback Web:
YouTube Chris Bandusky

Chris Bandusky

"Recently I installed a Creamback in my Bad Cat: one of the best and smoothest sounding speakers I have played through. It takes pedals extremely well and projects a sound that is full and clear." Gear: G12M-65 Creamback Web:
YouTube Zach Beckett

Zach Beckett
My Alamo

"The celestion speakers in my Marshall cab give me that tight punchy kick I need when the volume goes up on the big festival stages." Web: