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Addison Bjork

Addison Bjork
Ire and Sentiment

"Celestion speakers are the foundation of finding "great tone." Gear: Vintage 30 & G12T-75 Web:
Tommy Bolan

Tommy Bolan

"Nothing compares and tears your head off like doubt about it...number 1 for a reason." Gear: Vintage 30/G12K-100 Web:
YouTube Coy Bowles

Coy Bowles
Zac Brown Band

"I've been playing Heritage Series Celestion G12-65 for the last 3 years on over 200 shows a year." Gear: G12-65
YouTube Mick Box

Mick Box
Uriah Heep

"I’ve been a Celestion user for over 45 years. I’ve travelled in 58 countries using these speakers, they've never once let me down. They give me tone, power, and dependability, and that’s all I can wish for." Gear: Vintage 30 Web:
YouTube J. B.  Brisendine

J. B. Brisendine
Brother Hawk

"My seemingly endless speaker search ended up where it should have started….Celestion is legendary for a reason!" Gear: Alnico Cream, G12H-75 Creamback Web:
YouTube Michael Britt

Michael Britt

"Great guitars, great amps...they don't mean anything if your speaker doesn't have tone. Celestion speakers always have the best tone!" Gear: Vintage 30 Web: