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Allen Cummins

Allen Cummins
Whiskey Tango, Dawson's Gang

"Whether playing through a 1x12" combo, or the 6X10" 1000 watt rig of doom, I count on the tone and reliability of Celestion speakers. " Gear: Bass Web:
YouTube Stevie D

Stevie D

Gear: There are many amps but there is only one speaker, Celestion! Web:
YouTube Mark Day

Mark Day
Fractal Audio Artist in Residence

"I've been using Celestion speakers since I started playing way back in the 70s. They always just sound like rock to me. I love the V30/Greenback combination in my 4x12s!" Gear: Vintage 30, G12M Greenback
Ed DeGenaro

Ed DeGenaro

"In 25 years of playing for a living I have yet to use another speaker than a Celestion." Gear: Celestion Gold, Vintage 30, 65, G12M 'Greenback', Classic 80 Web:
John Denner

John Denner

"Celestion delivers every time! The best speakers on the planet" Gear: G12 EVH
Jon Donais

Jon Donais
Shadows Fall

"Celestions make the best hard rock heavy metal speakers on the planet. I wouldn't put anything else in my cabinets." Gear: Vintage 30/ G12T-75 Web:
YouTube William DuVall

William DuVall
Alice In Chains

"I've used Celestion 25W and 30W speakers all my life. Simply put, Celestion is the standard" Gear: G12H anniversary, Vintage 30 Web: